Helena Desiree Davis

Helena Desiree Davis

Artist in Movement


Desiree's sound understanding and passion for dance has seen her produce, create and exhibit the Art of Dance in a career spanning three continents; South-Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Her career started at the age of 6 in Johannesburg, South-Africa in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Spanish and Hip-Hop and later settled into three of her favourite and main disciplines of Modern, Tap and Hip-Hop.

She studied under the auspices of the late Sharon Humphrey - Vice President (S.A.D.T.A); Beverly Wood -President (S.A.B.O.D); Jade Rahme- (Tap World Medallist) and Mandy Ogus- Dance Instructor (S.A.D.T.A).

Whilst training with U.S.A's Matthew Clarke - (Artie Award winner, The Anton German Achievement Award for excellence in Dance and Commendation from Ex-President Bill Clinton for his contribution to the history of Dance), and Jacques Monfiston - (World Medallist and International Adjudicator for the I.D.O.)

For 2 consecutive years, Desiree was awarded her Protea's (National Colours of South-Africa) and as part of the National Dance Team, represented South-Africa in the World Dance Championships in both Riesa in Germany and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

At age 17, Desiree and her family immigrated to Perth, Australia where she continued a successful career contracted for corporate shows and theatre performances. This was the vehicle that afforded Desiree the opportunity of adding Lyrical and Contemporary dance to her master disciplines and became a renowned and respected young Choreographer.

Two years ago, new dance and performing opportunities presented itself, and Desiree took up the challenge and moved to the U.K.

Desiree's clear love and passion for the Art of Dance continues to afford her the opportunity to not only grow her skills as dancer/ performer and artist but also achieving centre stage as a respected choreographer and much loved dance instructor.




She has demonstrated to me the best qualities a human being can have; warmth, kind heartedness, diligence, thoughtfulness, inclusivity, enthusiasm, tenacity, humour, tolerance, dependable, patience, leadership abilities, and a skilled and passionate performer
— Deby Holmes
She has the innate ability to dig deep and tap into every nuance of the character
— Ashanti Balaratnasingam-Suriyam
Her ability to capture an audience is second to none
— Kristy Deller